Sep 30, 2010

Last Day for FREE holiday address stickers!

Hurry up and get it while its hot! Today is the last day for the Early Bird Special that gets you free return address stickers with your order of holiday photo cards. And here's a secret tip ... there are also a lot of cards that can be used for non-holiday - like baby announcements, engagement announcements and save the dates!

Sep 22, 2010

September Special - FREE return address labels

I love a great deal! PaperConcierge is starting a new holiday special today. Receive FREE return address labels with a  purchase of holiday photo cards! Here's how it works. Order a set of holiday photo cards and add the coordinating return address labels to your cart. Enter coupon code SEPTLABEL, and the labels will be credited upon checkout! You may round up to the nearest quantity increment (i.e. order 80 labels for 75 photo cards). This promotion is valid through the end of September 2010. Please note that the labels are a separate item to be added to your cart as opposed to just completing the 'Return Address' field on the photo card product page, which refers to the printing directly on the back flap of the envelope for an additional fee.

Here are some of my favorites.

Sep 20, 2010

Fall's finest at a Carolina farm

We spent yesterday out at Grandma Hallie (husbands grandma) 's farm. The day consisted of homemade cookin', a long walk to the pond, outdoor games with nieces & nephews and long talks under a big water oak shade tree. The summer has given way to autumn. The garden is still producing tomatoes, peppers, okra, green beans and the fruit trees are hanging low with the weight of green and red apples.

Let me take a minute to go back to the 'homemade cookin' part. I can't tell this without explaining how many made-from-scratch dishes come from the hands of this 90 year old woman. Most of these dishes can be found every single Sunday, but I'm not giving away the address or else everyone would want to come :)  There's biscuits, creamed potatoes, squash and onion casserole, creamed corn, green beans, pickled beats, stewed tomatoes, fried chicken, meatloaf, gizzards & livers, butter beans, pinto beans, homemade applesauce, chocolate pie, banana pudding .... mixed in with other family favorites. Did you get full just thinking of it all? I did.

It's such a simple life during our Sunday visits with family, but no one would trade it for the world. I took some time to gather up garden goodies and some of mother nature's bounty. Along with homegrown veggies, I also brought home acorns, pine cones, and other various nuts that fell to the ground. No worries, I left plenty for the squirrels :)  I plan on using my seasonal findings for vase fillers and to add to my fall decor that I've been working on. Pics to come later.

For now, here are some photos that capture the awesomeness of Grandma's farm.

Sep 17, 2010

5 for Friday & Update to Bucket List

It's been awhile since I've done FFF and my 30 before 30. So here goes ....

Five For Friday
1. The all new Rue Magazine! I will definitely be reading a long with this online (ie FREE) magazine spilling over with trendy decor ideas and more.  Grey Loves Weddings talks about it in her blog. And so does Layla Grayce.
2. I"ve always wanted a cute apron. Maybe I'll make one some day! Get free apron patterns from Tip Junkie.
3. Great pumpkin ideas from Craftify It
4. Nico & LaLa's fall newsletter - personalized tailgate gear & lucite homegoods
5. Young House Love's sunroom makeover!!!

30 Before 30 Bucket List
1. Learn to make Grandma Burch's chocolate pie. (i'll be there this weekend, so i might have the chance)
2. Visit my sister in NYC.
3. Go to Hawaii and see my friend Heidi. (planned for Decemer, but not booked yet)
4. Revamp my iPod library.
5. Go to church once per month (minimum).
               - 9/12/10
6. Go hiking in the mountains.
               - 7/25 went with Magee girls
7. Enjoy a concert date with husband.
               - 8/21 Zach Brown Band
8. Eat out at 3 new restaurants a month (new to me).
               - 8/5 Burger Co
               - 8/17 Ellas Seafood
               - 8/20 – PioPio

               - 8/22 – Park 51 Cafe
9. Jog on the beach. (Ocean Isle or Hawaii)
               - 8/14 Ocean Isle
               - 8/15 Ocean Isle
10. Spend a rainy day at home watching movies all day.
11. Babysit a baby.
12. Order my wedding album.
13. Change a tire.
14. Run two 5k races.
15. Host a PaperConcierge party at my house. (planned for 10/10)
16. Reconnect with old college friends.
               - drinks with Joe 8/13
               - Alicia's wedding
17. Make and continue the habit of 2 fitness classes per week.
              - accomplished weeks 7/18, 7/25, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16 was 1 class & 2 jog outside, 9/5, 9/11
18. Give blood again.
19. Go fishing with my dad. (when we're visiting in Oct)
20. Have a girls weekend away.
               - 7/23 Courtney’s Cabin
21. Have a 'just because' party in the fall.
22. Stop biting my nails.
23. Visit an NC winery.
24. Watch a sunrise. (in Hawaii)
25. Go on a picnic date with husband.
26. No fast food for an entire month. (starting 9/16)
27. See a drive-in movie.
28. Play tennis ... LOL, attempt to play tennis.
29. Eat vegetarian for a week. (when michael is out of town)
30. Take a Zumba class (probably with my mom).

Good morning and TGIF!!!

I just need to start out by admitting how close I was to getting McDonald's this morning. I had a coupon and I was ready to turn into the golden arches. But then I remembered by 30 before 30 bucket list. Yesterday I started writing a post update and decided to take on my #26 - No fast food for a month. So today is the start. So instead of McDonalds I went to my favorite local deli and got the Power Breakfast - egg whites, toast, avacado and grits ... although they didn't have grits today so I asked for tomatoes. Doesn't this just look so good. Well it tastes good too, so good that it deserves a picture!

Have a great Friday everyone!
- Katie

Sep 16, 2010

Save The Dates by San Lori

 SanLori has joined the PaperConcierge family!  Check out their diverse collection HERE. I am just loving the photo save the dates! they are right on track with the trends that today's stylish bride is looking for. Save the Dates are the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding. Just like an invite (only before) they are the first impression and they double as an announcement of your engagement. You can find them in all different styles and colors. Even use them in combination with your engagement pics!  Here are some of my favorites from SanLori.

Drink Up Witches!

beverage napkin, $5.95

Swoozies is the BEST for holiday entertaining! And they're celebrating Halloween already. Here are some of the very fun tabletop products that they have out this season. Enjoy!

stadium cups, $12.95 for 10
spider boo serving bowl, $24.95
pumpkin wine glass, $16.95

Sep 15, 2010

No Tricks, Just Treats

I just saw that we now have a Halloween section up on PaperConcierge!  This is making my creative wheel turn with blog post ideas for the next month. Yay for Halloween!!!

Sep 13, 2010

"Don't ruin those perfectly good peas!"

Last night I decided to make Rachel Ray's Baked Cod & Mushy Peas dinner from 30 Minute Meals. The fish was freaking fantastic! But the peas ... ehhh .... we prefer just plain old peas. Michael saw me preparing the peas - blending up mint, then parsley, then adding peas to the blender. He said "What are you doing?!? Don't ruin those perfectly good peas!"  LOL! Well, turns out he was right. So next time I'll keep with the recipe for the baked cod and serve with regular peas (I also added mashed potatoes to our meal last night).

It's wine o'clock somewhere!

Personalized Wine Tags by Boatman Geller

Perfect for giving birthdays, congratulation, thank yous, hostess, house warming, holiday ... you name it! These lovely personalized wine tags would pair beautifully with your favorite bottle on vino. Also consider rounding out your gift with one of these homemade wine themed projects.

- Homemade Wine - many kits available online. Also create a personalized label too!
- Cork & Label Frame - hot glue old wine corks to a wooden picture frame
- Wine Glass Charms - using same wire wrapping techniques as jewelry making
- Hand Painted Wine Glass - using glass etching or glass paints found in a hobby store
- Wine Stoppers - attach large beads and decorative elements to the tops of corks
- Cork Ornaments - endless possibilities!

Sep 8, 2010


I love what Inviting Company has to say about the ever-so-classic monogram! So true.


  "Monograms are timeless, rich in history and add a classic touch to almost everything. Originally monograms were used as Royal Signatures, and seen as a reflection of one’s status. As popularity increased, monograms could be seen anywhere from stationery to bed linens. Traditionally, a 3 letter monogram for a woman would use the first letter of the first name on the left, her last name in the center and her middle name on the right. When she married, she would continue to use the 3 letter monogram on items in “her” domain.

Today, designer monograms appear everywhere; handbags, ties, scarves, wallets, etc., but the beauty of a personal monogram is that it is, personal. It reflects you and your family, and can add the perfect personal touch to your wedding. Combining the Bride & Groom’s initials in a monogram signifies union, and the start of a new family. Your personal monogram can be used on the stationary, dinnerware, napkins, and on the favors. It’s a great way to tie several different aspects of your wedding back to one theme.

Once you have tied the knot, your personal monogram can become even more meaningful when used in a nursery. It can become a gorgeous piece of art hung over the crib, or appliqued on pillows."
        - Inside Inviting Co. Blog


I was going to write a post strictly about parasols, but in researching I discovered the awesome talent of Kristin from I Do Originals! If I had found this site when I was wedding planning, I would have surely been her biggest customer! I'm a huge lover of monograms and adding that perfect mix of personalized style to your big day.
This site specializes in hand painted accessories and includes items like Parasols, Aisle Runners, Unity Candles, Table Runners, Monogram Design, and more. was just featured in the August issue of Brides Magazine for a feature on "100 Wedding Upgrades for $100), and also seen in lots of other publications too. Check out her website; you're sure to spend a good bit of time perusing all the eye candy!

I love this idea as a photo prop & bridesmaid gift!

Sep 7, 2010

Citrus+Clover photo cards (perfect for baby announcements!)

Aren't these photo cards so precious? ::: squeeeeaallll ::: Wait a minute ... shouldn't I be saying that about the babies, not the cards? Oh well :) They're both so adorable together!  These new photo cards from Citrus+Clover are available at PaperConcierge, HERE. And Whitney English is also showing them off on her blog. A lot of the Citrus+Clover photo cards come with magnets too! That is so unique and different from any other announcements I get in the mail. Magnets can also be bought separately - 15 magnets for $15.75. More styles will be put up on my PC website soon, but I couldn't wait to share.

Here's what Whitney English has to say about Citrus+Clover:

"  We're loving citrus+clover's flat photo cards. They come in 5x7 and a smaller version. The mini version (4.375x3.675) is just too cute not to love! I love receiving mail that isn't standard in size and c+c small photo cards are perfect! Just last week we had a customer order some of these small photo cards as invitations for their son's first birthday party. I loved that the invitation was short, sweet and included a precious photo of the birthday boy. These mini photo cards would also be perfect to send as a marriage announcement to family and friends."

Sep 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Four years and going strong! A while ago I posted about traditional anniversary gifts. Well, my dear husband just brought me gorgeous red roses at work. So he kept right in line with the 4 year gift, which is fruit or flowers! I bet he didn't even realize :) And now I need to come up with something quickly to return the gratitude.

Here are some memories from our very special day. Love you Babe!