Nov 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving & Off to Hawaii!!!

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It's been a crazy week, but it's about time to start relaxing, prepare the turkey, and then get on a plan for paradise! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures because you know I'll be writing a big 'ol trip review for you all!


Nov 23, 2010

If your Husband gives you a hard time ...

... about doing Christmas photos, just remind him of why he should just trust you on this one, shut up, and SMILE :)

As for my dear husband, he was less than thrilled (to say the least) about having a semi-pro photo session. But in the end, he loves the way the pictures turned out. And that what matters the most! A co-worker/friend met us at the park last weekend on an absolutely gorgeous day to take some photos. We were hoping to get something nice to use for our holiday card, but it turned out that we got a ton of great photos, not just one. Here's a little sample.


MomAgenda is on Sale!

PaperConcierge just started a new sale yesterday on select styles of MomAgenda day planners - Click HERE for the sale! Use promo code PLANNER25 at check out for your discount. These make great gifts, but also nice to have one for yourself too. I love all the colors they come in! And check out the MomAgenda website for free downloads to keep you organized for the holiday season. And they just released a MomAgenda iPad app!

Nov 18, 2010

Twist Holiday Cards!

Emily McCartney from Twist Paper showed off some her fresh designs last week. This is one of my favorite designers that we carry at PaperConcierge, and I think I'll be ordering one of her designs for my own card this year. I love that green and brown hounds tooth!

And guess what? Twist cards are included in the 20% off sale until Saturday. Click HERE for details!

Be sure to add Emily's blog Savannah Redtop to your reader!

Nov 17, 2010

Fall dinner party pics

Here's my #21 on the bucket list - Have a 'just because' party in the fall. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to. I can say that it was a wonderful evening. I did a full menu with 8 people. We used the dining room and china that rarely get used. I even made little placecard settings for each person. The menu consisted of apple and gorgonzola stuffed porkchops, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, butternut squash soup and pumpkin crunch cake ... and wine of course!

Here's a close up of the table scape. I love these huge pinecones that Michael's grandma sent us from her farm!

Directions for wine cork placecard holders:
1. Cut a flat edge on one side of the cork so it won't roll around.
2. Cut a shallow slit along the top.
3. Slide in the card.

Nov 15, 2010

NC Winery Tour

I crossed #23 off my list this weekend. Oh it was so much fun! Check out these pictures. So what if they're a little crooked or fuzzy, the red wine played into my 'artistic vision' that day, haha!

Keep an eye out for Little River Wines in your area. And if you ever get the chance, go to the winery. It was a really cool place!

Nov 12, 2010

Update to the list that everyone is so sick and tired of hearing about  ... especially my husband. This weekend I'm working on #s 4, 5, 8, 23 and maybe 28 if I can find a partner.
30 Before 30 Bucket List:
1. Learn to make Grandma Burch's chocolate pie.
2. Visit my sister in NYC.
           - She's visiting me instead!
3. Go to Hawaii and see my friend Heidi.
           - Trip is booked, leaving in 2 weeks!4. Revamp my iPod library.
          - In process. 5. Go to church once per month (minimum).
         - September – went 2 times
6. Go hiking in the mountains.
         - Blue Ridge Pkwy in July '10
7. Enjoy a concert date with husband.

          - 8/21 – Zac Brown Band
8. Eat out at 3 new restaurants a month (new to me).
          - 8/5 – Burger Co.
          - 8/17 – Ellas Seafood
          - 8/20 – PioPio
          - 8/22 – Park 51 CafĂ©
          - 10/3 – The Rusty Bucket
          - 10/5 – Creole’s
          - 10/26 - Tai Basil
          - 10/27 - Fresh Wrap
          - 10/30 - Cajun Queen
          - 11/12 - Buona Vita
9. Jog on the beach. (Ocean Isle or Hawaii)
          - 8/14 Ocean Isle
          - 8/15 Ocean Isle
10. Spend a rainy day at home watching movies all day.
11. Babysit a baby.
12. Order my wedding album.
13. Change a tire.
14. Run two 5k races.
          - 10/23 - 4.Niner 5k
15. Host a PaperConcierge party at my house.
          - 10/17
16. Reconnect with old college friends. (Alicia’s wedding, call Beth, Megan, Laura, see Meera in NYC)
         - drinks with Joe 8/13
         - Alicia’s wedding 10/1
17. Make and continue the habit of 2 fitness classes per week.
         - Accomplished – weeks 7/18, 7/25, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16 was 1 class & 2 jog outside ... I stopped
counting, but I have been working out regularly, just not always in a class setting.
18. Give blood again.
19. Go fishing with my dad. (when he visits NC)
20. Have a girls weekend away.
         - 7/23 – Courtney’s Cabin
21. Have a 'just because' party in the fall.
         - 11/6 Dinner Party
22. Stop biting my nails.
23. Visit an NC winery.
        - 11/13, Little River Wines24. Watch a sunrise. (Hawaii)
25. Go on a picnic date with husband. (Hawaii)
26. No fast food for an entire month. (Starting 9/16.)
         - 9/16-10/22
27. See a drive-in movie.
28. Play tennis ... LOL, attempt to play tennis.
29. Eat vegetarian for a week. (when michael is out of town)
30. Take a Zumba class.
        - 10/1 with Mom

I love a great sale!

Score for me! I just got these J.Crew ballet flats at a consignment shop,although I swear they look brand new, for $25 (orig. $128) !!! A sale feels good! My feet, my face, my wallet ... we're all smiling right now :)

Cece cracked metallic ballet flats
And to get you smiling, how about a sale opportunity from PaperConcierge. If you're planning out your holiday parties then now is the time to order from our holiday invitation collection. A selection of holiday invites are now 20% off until midnight 11/13. Use coupon code HOINNOV13 at checkout. Shop sale HERE.

Nov 4, 2010

Gus & Ruby {Letterpress and Dogs}

Paper Hounds

I just found {through another blog} a store called Gus & Ruby Letterpress. Hmm ... Gus & Ruby ... that rings a bell. Like MY Ruby boxer doggie and her bff Gus! Similarly, this letterpress business is also named after the co-owners' two dogs. Check out the Gus & Ruby Letterpress blog, appropriately named PaperHounds.

And here's a picture of my 'Gus and Ruby' :) While I'm at it, I might as well share the story of how Gus & Ruby became to be friends. It all starts with MySpace, LOL! No, our dogs don't have MySpace pages. Gus' mommy, also named Katie, friended me because we went to the same college and both had boxers. So here we are 2 OU grads, both married, both living in Charlotte, both named Katie, both with boxers, and both have the same car. We met up for a puppy play date and the rest is history!

Nov 3, 2010

Perfect Placecards

'Tis the season for dinner parties, holiday soirees and family gatherings! Set your table beautifully and don't forget a nice added touch with placecards! It might seem a little out of date, but is true to elegance no matter how formal or casual a gathering. Here are some great display ideas for your table placecards.

I had my calligraphy class at Paper Source last night, so I'm looking forward to doing placecards with some fancier handwritting now!

CUSTOM ORDER RESERVED FOR ALICEJOLLY - Eco-Friendly Pine Cone Place Card Holders and Place Cards (Set of 60)

"Wine and Dine" Wine Cork Place Card Holder (Set of Four)

Nov 1, 2010

Introducing Bella Ink

The PaperConcierge family is expanding again! Excited to introduce to you Bella Ink designs just in time for shopping your holiday photo cards & gift enclosures. Like so many of our other popular lines, Bella Ink starts with a great design and expands it into an entire collection. Then you're able to get a well mated holiday ensamble! Here's the Partridge collection - very unique for the holidays and gorgeous!

Whitney English recipe tins & cards

I'm very excited to share a new collection from the fabulous Whitney English Company. PaperConcierge now has the WEC recipe tins and coordinating cards! Just in time for the holidays, these will make great hostess gifts, holiday gift exchange, and stocking stuffers. And they're at an unbeatable price point too! Only $12.95 for a recipe tin, recipe dividers and set of coordinating cards!! Shop the entire collection HERE.

Gifts for Friends (under $30)

Just a few of my personal favorites under $30. There are so many different styles to pick from and much much more on the website -

And after I created this flyer, we added 2 new really cool items - Recipe Tins and Trend-E-Totes! Both by Whitney English. Check them out in the under $20 section.