Aug 4, 2010

Anniversary ideas (1 - 10)

Our 4 year anniversary is right around the corner! None of our anniversaries have followed the traditional route, but its fun thinking of ways to tie it in. So here are some of my ideas for traditional anniversary gifts through the first 10 years.

1 - Paper: artwork, hand written love letter or card, favorite book, photo memory album, gift certificate, tickets
2 - Cotton: clothing, blanket, lingerie & PJ's
3 - Leather: fashion accessories, leather photo frame with wedding photo, leather desk chair, autographed football, tool belt, desk top sets, designer shoes
4 - Fruit or Flowers: fresh flowers, an orchid (my favorite), flowering fruit tree, floral perfume, bake a fruit pie, chocolate covered strawberries
5 - Wood: furniture, jewelry box or valet, wood picture frame, carved artwork, plant a tree together
6 - Candy: chocolates, sweets gift basket, have a date at a candy store
7 - Wool or Copper: copper jewelry, copper cookware, copper sculpture, wool clothing, wool hat & scarf, wool blanket
8 - Bronze: sculpture, flower pot
9 - Pottery: vase, flower pot, sculpture, dinnerware, have a date in a pottery painting studio
10 - Tin: diamond earrings in a tin box!, pewter personalized keepsakes, home decor

This is our 1st Anniversary, eating my year old wedding cake! Our gift was to exchange cards (PAPER!) and we stayed at a B&B in Asheville for the weekend, which was really nice.

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Amy said...

cute! thanks for reminding me what the traditional gifts are..our 3rd is in a few weeks.. happy 4th to you!