Jan 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kids!

I love all the different themes that are selectively chosen to match childrens' personalities and interests these days. Options are endless! I've heard of bowling parties, zoo parties, putt-putt, laser tag, sleep overs, ice cream making, action heroes, princess, movie themes, etc.. I could go on and on but I'll stop now :)

If you're planning a birthday party this year, please let me be your personal paper assistant and help you select a great invitation and plan out your wording. Shop styles in our Birthday Invitations for Kids section.

Go Steelers! {Superbowl inspirations}

You won't see any Jets ideas here, LOL! I married a Steelers fan, so I'm married to the team too. Well not really, but I don't mind accepting them as my NFL team on his behalf. Check out these great ideas I've found from others. Can't wait for game day!


{printable party templates from Paper&Cake}

Football-Field Runner and Football Coaster
{football field table runner & football coasters from Martha Stewart}

{awesome SuperBowl recipes from PioneerWoman}

Jan 25, 2011

she believed she could, so she did

Set of 6 She Believed flat cards

I've been hearing this little mantra a lot lately. And I'm really liking it for myself. So few words, but BIG words to live by. I found ValentinaDesign on Etsy today. I gotta get this little prints to brighten up my cubicle, my mood, my spirit, my vision for the future.

The Emily Wedding Collection

If you're a bride who loves a neutral palate, but wants to dress it up to the nines ... check out this gorgeous design from Whitney English (found HERE). The Emily design has so many pieces that really help you form a style and motif for your special day. It comes in an array of color options, but the gold is my favorite for a simple, elegant, neutral color scheme.

Collection Pieces include:
Invitation, Small Card (perfect for accomodations, RSV and directions), notecards, return address labels, Notesheets & Clipboards, Stickers & Labels, Calling Cards.

Jan 24, 2011

Are you ready for some football?!!!!

Now that you know the teams, date, time, etc... go ahead and start planning that SuperBowl Party! Here are some inspiring designs from PaperConcierge for the perfect invitation!

My husband's team is a Steelers fan, so I'm contemplating throwing a party at our house this year. If the game doesn't go in his favor, than I can imagine a very pouty and foul-mouthed co-house. That's my only reservation about hosting it :(

Inspiration Boards for Decorating

I was shopping around home decor stores yesterday with my sister in-law, trying to help her, but I ended up looking for myself some too. We're both on a mission to make our master bedrooms look more 'masterish' and put together.
I found a really pretty cloth napkin at World Market and bought it to use as a possitble pillow cover. So here it is in my first ever attempt at an inspiration board, courtesy of OlioBoard - http://www.olioboard.com/

Tell me what you think. Is the floral pattern and colors working out ok with the orange duvet and zebra rug? Do you I need something else to pull it together?

Jan 21, 2011

Thank You, Ruffled! {Free Downloads}

I recently added a new blog, Ruffled, to my google reader. It's completely geared toward weddings and has awesome pictures of real weddings for great inspiration! I found my way to their DIY section and they have a lot of really cool ideas and free downloads for easy DIY projects. Here are some of my favorites, and they can be used for occassions besides weddings!

Photo Thank You Card (from BetsyWhite)

Woodland Frames for invitations, place cards and more (from TwoBrunettes)

Matchy Matchy ~ Melamine Plates + Placemats

Set your table with style! You name it, we've got it covered - monogrammed, animals, favorite colors, beachy, preppy, girly, sporty, princess, holidays, family names, florals....

Shop Plates & Placemats - Free shipping until February 1st. Use coupon code TABLE2001.

Jan 18, 2011

You're a Hoot Valentine! {Cards & Matching Stickers}

Valentines Day (or the season anyways) is here! These cards and matching stickers are perfect for you sweetie and make great Valentines for your kids to hand out to friends and classmates.

Shop the new Valentine section at PaperConcierge today to see more styles!

Jan 14, 2011

Valentines Day birth announcements

If you had a baby over the holiday season and missed out on the chance for your newborn to star center stage in your holiday photo card ... no worries! Here's your next chance to show of your new bundle of joy to family and friends. Send out a birth announcement in the form of a Valentines Day card! Who can resist the temptation of "Will you be Mine?"

My favorites from the Birth Announcement section on PaperConcierge.

Win $150 worth of Get Papered products!

Get Papered is very similar to PaperConcierge - as they carry a lot of the same brands - and they're currently having a sweepstakes right now. I would love to win, or at least one of my readers win! Find them on Facebook to register - www.facebook.com/GetPapered


Jan 13, 2011

A lesson in Social Media & Thoughtfulness

I'm so inspired by a recent blog post by RedSamp called Social Media + Thoughtfulness. As a lover of all things paper, I am an advocate for the old school ways of snail mail and beautiful words on beautiful paper. However ... I love me some Facebook, blog reading, email, text, etc too! But step aside, and think about how these forms of communication are really impacting your relationships. I'm a little sad that many friendships have faded over the years. Sure I might know that my old college roommate is planning a trip to Spain and then be able to see her pictures via Facebok, but I haven't talked to her in years. There's a huge disconnect between knowing what we're up to and actually sharing your emotions and daily happenings through interaction. So I want to challenge each on of you (and myself) to resolve this disconnect in 2011. Take the time to communicate individually and send a thoughtful message. It will pay off and inspire those around you to do the same!

Erin Newkirk at RedStmap, encourages us to step back from our mass distributed "hellos", "Merry Christmas" and "thank yous", and instead address our friends and family on a more one on one basis. No matter what medium you chose for your correspondence, your thoughtfulness and sincerity most comes from the message you are sending. For me, that is one on one communication.

"So, what does this mean for 2011? Make your messages meaningful by being more thoughtful. Regardless of how you choose to send your message {facebook posts, postal mail, email, tweets, SMS}, challenge yourself to really connect. Gone is the stigma of sending email invitations, or texting words of thanks. Successful correspondence in 2011 will really no longer be about how you correspond, it will be about what you say + how you say it."

Engagement Party ~ Time to Celebrate!

Engagement parties can be a great way to announce and celebrate your upcoming nuptuals!
Whether you are the bride + groom, maid of honor, or the parents ... should you have an engagement party? Keep reading to hear the pro's and con's given by Nina Callaway. Full article HERE.

And should you choose to throw an engagement party, please shop the great selection from PaperConcierge.


- Announces your engagement to your closest friends + family in a fun and creative way.
- Great way for friends, family + bridal party to get to know each other.
- Any excuse for a party is a good one!

- This process forces you to have a sense of your wedding guest list early. You can't invite someone to the engagement party, who won't be invited to the wedding.
- It's an extra event to plan and pay for.
- If you don't have a very long engagement, then it could feel cramped with your other parties/showers so close.

Another FREE Calendar download

I'm running out of room for all these great calendars! But they are really more than just a way to track the days. These days calendars double as art - beautifully choreographed displays of graphic design.

The Rock Paper Scissors blog (love it!) introduces us to Jeannie Jeannie who is so kind to share her masterpiece calendar with us for FREE! Download HERE.

Jan 12, 2011

What I have learned from Cougar Town

Who else loves this show? I can't get enough! So here's how Cougar Town is helping me grow as a person and become a happy person on Tuesday nights.

1. There's nothing wrong with drinking wine just because. No occassion needed!
2. White wine has less alcohol than red wine (so she claims). So if you need to do some thinking while you're drinking ... stick with white.
3. Netty Pots are great!
4. Being friends with your parents can be cool.
5. A confidence dance can really help ease the tension. Or just dance for no reason. It makes things better.
6. There's all kinds of cool apps out there. Even an App for an App (it helps you pick an appetizer).
7. Making little guns with your hands is cool and mean many different things in different scenarious.
8. Truth guns (perfect example of #7). When you point your truth guns at someone they absolutely cannot lie to you.
9. Penny Can!
To Be Continued ....

2011 Calendars - Free from RedStamp

A lovely online paper retailer called Red Stamp is sharing some great printable calendars with us! Which one is your favorite? I want them all. One for my work space, one for my home office, one for the fridge, etc....

Click Here to download your favorite - http://www.redstamp.com/2011calendars

Jan 11, 2011

Take me to the market!

I just wanted to throw a line out there and see if anyone wants to take a bite.

I've always had a huge interest in retail markets. The big Gift & Home Furnishings market in Atlanta starts tomorrow and goes from 1/12 - 1/19. If you need someone to carry things around for you, run errands, suggest great dining options (I used to live in Atlanta!), or whatever ... seriously whatever and anything ....
I'm your girl! I would love to join you simply for the experience of it all.

My qualifications :)
- Currently representing top stationery and gift lines through PaperConcierge. I use various social media outlets to market my products and introduce customers to new trends and party/gifting ideas.
- As a blogger, I follow lots of current trends related to stationery, retail and home decor.
- Experience as a part-time sales associate in a privately owned stationery boutique in Charlotte, NC. I especially enjoyed working with brides and placing large wedding orders.
- Many positions in retail held throughout the years in various part-time positions.
- My favorite hobby is exploring new shops and boutiques around town. I love finding unique places and talking to business owners about their shops.
- My long-term goal is to own a specialty shop of my own.
- Will provide my own transportation, room and board. I just ask that you let me 'apprentice' you for the day.

So there you have it! kburch@paperconcierge.com

Spring Showers bring ... Baby Showers!

Seems like so many people are babies these days! Is it getting to me? Yeah, a little bit, I can admit to it. For now, I'll enjoy the great party themes, decor, food and of course the adorable invitations and baby announcements.

Here are a few of my favorites right now. I think the bird/tree theme is perfect for a spring baby shower. So cute!

Shop from the great selection by Hicks, Whitney English, Ruby June and more on PaperConcierge

Jan 10, 2011

Personalized Stationery Sale!

Holidays are behind us and I sure am enjoying some of the great gifts that I got this year! Some of my favorite are even handmade. This is the perfect time to express how much you're enjoying the well thought of gifts by sending a thank you note to your friends and family. These days it's unexpected, which makes it even more appreciated! Your family might not typically do this, nor your friends, but set a good example and tell them how thankful you are  - for gifts, for their friendship, for the dinners and holiday parties you enjoyed with them.

Now through January 18th, PaperConcierge is having a sale on personalized stationery. Shop at my site - https://kburch.paperconcierge.com/search/2881///Personalized_Stationery.

Snowed In 2011!

The Southeast is covered by a wet, but beautiful, blanket of snow today ... followed by some ugly ice coming our way tonight. I'm trying to sit back and really enjoy the extended weekend that mother nature has so kindly blessed us with. Sipping on my stovetop nestle hot cocoa, complimented with a splash (or more!) of Bailey's and marshmallows! Sweatpants, thick knit sweaters, a snowball fight, and not a reason in the world to leave the house.

Thinking I might invite some of the neighbors over to enjoy the cozy sweatpant time, hot adult beverages, and the national championship game tonight. Come on Auburn!

Now, this beautiful photo was not taken by me, but its just too cute not to use while I'm dreaming of a winter wonderland. And my husband has been putting not-so-subtle hints in my ear about wanting to move to the country. It's not really my dream life, but there are some great perks and hominess (is that a word) that I think would be great. One of them being the chance to have a picturesque view like this out my window.