Sep 8, 2010


I love what Inviting Company has to say about the ever-so-classic monogram! So true.


  "Monograms are timeless, rich in history and add a classic touch to almost everything. Originally monograms were used as Royal Signatures, and seen as a reflection of one’s status. As popularity increased, monograms could be seen anywhere from stationery to bed linens. Traditionally, a 3 letter monogram for a woman would use the first letter of the first name on the left, her last name in the center and her middle name on the right. When she married, she would continue to use the 3 letter monogram on items in “her” domain.

Today, designer monograms appear everywhere; handbags, ties, scarves, wallets, etc., but the beauty of a personal monogram is that it is, personal. It reflects you and your family, and can add the perfect personal touch to your wedding. Combining the Bride & Groom’s initials in a monogram signifies union, and the start of a new family. Your personal monogram can be used on the stationary, dinnerware, napkins, and on the favors. It’s a great way to tie several different aspects of your wedding back to one theme.

Once you have tied the knot, your personal monogram can become even more meaningful when used in a nursery. It can become a gorgeous piece of art hung over the crib, or appliqued on pillows."
        - Inside Inviting Co. Blog

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