Jan 12, 2011

What I have learned from Cougar Town

Who else loves this show? I can't get enough! So here's how Cougar Town is helping me grow as a person and become a happy person on Tuesday nights.

1. There's nothing wrong with drinking wine just because. No occassion needed!
2. White wine has less alcohol than red wine (so she claims). So if you need to do some thinking while you're drinking ... stick with white.
3. Netty Pots are great!
4. Being friends with your parents can be cool.
5. A confidence dance can really help ease the tension. Or just dance for no reason. It makes things better.
6. There's all kinds of cool apps out there. Even an App for an App (it helps you pick an appetizer).
7. Making little guns with your hands is cool and mean many different things in different scenarious.
8. Truth guns (perfect example of #7). When you point your truth guns at someone they absolutely cannot lie to you.
9. Penny Can!
To Be Continued ....

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