Jan 13, 2011

Engagement Party ~ Time to Celebrate!

Engagement parties can be a great way to announce and celebrate your upcoming nuptuals!
Whether you are the bride + groom, maid of honor, or the parents ... should you have an engagement party? Keep reading to hear the pro's and con's given by Nina Callaway. Full article HERE.

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- Announces your engagement to your closest friends + family in a fun and creative way.
- Great way for friends, family + bridal party to get to know each other.
- Any excuse for a party is a good one!

- This process forces you to have a sense of your wedding guest list early. You can't invite someone to the engagement party, who won't be invited to the wedding.
- It's an extra event to plan and pay for.
- If you don't have a very long engagement, then it could feel cramped with your other parties/showers so close.

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