Jan 10, 2011

Snowed In 2011!

The Southeast is covered by a wet, but beautiful, blanket of snow today ... followed by some ugly ice coming our way tonight. I'm trying to sit back and really enjoy the extended weekend that mother nature has so kindly blessed us with. Sipping on my stovetop nestle hot cocoa, complimented with a splash (or more!) of Bailey's and marshmallows! Sweatpants, thick knit sweaters, a snowball fight, and not a reason in the world to leave the house.

Thinking I might invite some of the neighbors over to enjoy the cozy sweatpant time, hot adult beverages, and the national championship game tonight. Come on Auburn!

Now, this beautiful photo was not taken by me, but its just too cute not to use while I'm dreaming of a winter wonderland. And my husband has been putting not-so-subtle hints in my ear about wanting to move to the country. It's not really my dream life, but there are some great perks and hominess (is that a word) that I think would be great. One of them being the chance to have a picturesque view like this out my window.

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