Nov 4, 2010

Gus & Ruby {Letterpress and Dogs}

Paper Hounds

I just found {through another blog} a store called Gus & Ruby Letterpress. Hmm ... Gus & Ruby ... that rings a bell. Like MY Ruby boxer doggie and her bff Gus! Similarly, this letterpress business is also named after the co-owners' two dogs. Check out the Gus & Ruby Letterpress blog, appropriately named PaperHounds.

And here's a picture of my 'Gus and Ruby' :) While I'm at it, I might as well share the story of how Gus & Ruby became to be friends. It all starts with MySpace, LOL! No, our dogs don't have MySpace pages. Gus' mommy, also named Katie, friended me because we went to the same college and both had boxers. So here we are 2 OU grads, both married, both living in Charlotte, both named Katie, both with boxers, and both have the same car. We met up for a puppy play date and the rest is history!

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