Oct 15, 2010

i'm learning calligraphy!!!

TGIF everyone! I'm really looking forward to my first Open House for PaperConcierge this weekend. I'm calling it "Mimosas & Monograms" ... two of my favorite things! If any of my customers are reading this ... ask for a special 'blog freebie' when you stop by, and I'll have something special for you.

I signed up for a one night class at my local PaperSource to learn Calligraphy! I'm really really excited about it! This post is sure have lots of exclaimation points!!! Here are some beautiful calligraphy pieces that I found. Can't wait to get started! I told my coworkers that I'll probably start writing calligraphy on post-it notes to them to practice, lol!

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love that you're doing this!