Aug 19, 2010

Just sayin' Hi

Hi everyone! Just popping in for a minute to say hi. I just got back from 4 days at Ocean Isle Beach. This place is a little slice of heaven and I'm missing it already. 5 years ago, on this very same beach, my sweetie woke me up early in the morning and took me down to watch the sunrise. Then he asked me to marry him! In a few weeks we'll be celebrating our 4 year anniversary.

I tried to stick to my bucketlist while I was there. I ate at one brand new restaurant - Ellas Seafood in Calabash, NC. Ate me some broiled shrimp, deviled crab and lots of hush puppies! And I also got up TWICE and jogged on the beach! Here's an update for 30 Before I Turn 30.

1. Learn to make Grandma Burch's chocolate pie. (not planned)
2. Visit my sister in NYC. (not planned)
3. Go to Hawaii and see my friend Heidi. (October or December)
4. Revamp my iPod library. (not started)
5. Go to church once per month (minimum). (i haven't done this at all yet)
6. Go hiking in the mountains.
7. Enjoy a concert date with husband. (not planned)
8. Eat out at 3 new restaurants a month (new to me).
        - 8/5 Burger Co
        - 8/17 Ellas Seafood
9. Jog on the beach. (Ocean Isle or Hawaii)
10. Spend a rainy day at home watching movies all day.
11. Babysit a baby.
12. Order my wedding album.
13. Change a tire.
14. Run two 5k races.
15. Host a PaperConcierge party at my house. (planned for 8/29)
16. Reconnect with old college friends.
        - drinks with Joe 8/13
17. Make and continue the habit of 2 fitness classes per week.
        - accomplished weeks 7/18, 7/25, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16 was 1 class & 2 jog outside
18. Give blood again.
19. Go fishing with my dad. (when we're visiting in Oct)
20. Have a girls weekend away.
        - mountain weekend with Magee girls
21. Have a 'just because' party in the fall.
22. Stop biting my nails.
23. Visit an NC winery.
24. Watch a sunrise. (in Hawaii)
25. Go on a picnic date with husband.
26. No fast food for an entire month.
27. See a drive-in movie.
28. Play tennis ... LOL, attempt to play tennis.
29. Eat vegetarian for a week. (when michael is out of town)
30. Take a Zumba class (probably with my mom).

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