Aug 11, 2010

I love me some Trader Joes!

I'm heading off to my local TJ's in a minute and checking their site for any new featured products. Look what I found? It's a Guide to Party Planning, the Trader Joe's way! They're so smart and thorough, thinking of every last detail. 

Click for the full Guide to Party Planning

"Trader Joe's was once known as a party store. Before most of us bought eggs, bread, produce, meat, milk and vitamins at TJ's, we came for cheese and wine. Now that we offer so many interesting appetizers, desserts, cheeses, quick meals and sauces for everyday meals and entertaining, here are some ideas to help make entertaining fun, easy, tasty and stress-free. Now matter what your budget or space allowance, Trader Joe's will help make your gathering a huge success."

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