Aug 4, 2010

I've got a crush on ... Blis Gift Boutique

I'm going to start a new post theme called "I've got a crush". What this means is something that inspires me to the point of pure jealousy. I want it, I want it!  So my crushes could be a store, an inspiring project, a blog, a celebrity, etc... whatever I deem crushable.

I recently had a weekday afternoon off and popped into a really cool little store in uptown Charlotte, NC.  Blis Gift Boutique is a dream come true for busy corporate women shopping for a quick gift, or like me, just looking for a quick browsing break and mental escape. Blis was recently awarded "Best Place for a hostess gift" by a local publication.

A mom and two daughters own and operate the store. I talked to one of the daughters during my visit, and we caught up on some of their new trendy gifts, stationery chitchat, and I told her about PaperConcierge. They're big fans of Whitney English, so I felt like it somehow connected us, haha! This visit prompted me to bug my own mom and sister about how cool it'd be to own a store like that together. Le sigh ... if only they shared the same dream too.


Amy said...

what a cute store!! it reminds me so much of my friend's store:!/group.php?gid=40495814018&ref=ts

i have the same dream of owning a store if i ever move to charlotte (which i would LOVE to), i will be calling you! =)

to answer your question, yes i will be leaving paper concierge because it is a conflict of interest at my new job. i will keep blogging, but maybe not as often. it's been fun though!

p.s. your link to the store above just links to blogger...just a heads up

The Molls said...

I love your blog! I have a crush on this amazing store too!