Jul 8, 2010

Red, White and Blue - Fun with Friends at the Beach!

Happy 'belated' Independence Day Y'all! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Filled with fireworks, summer BBQs and great friends. We spent our 4th with the Sullivan family in Wilmington. My friend Logan and I realized that each other blogs, so now I'm checking out her happenings, complete with pics of all her cooking adventures.

I didn't even get my camera out over the weekend, so I'm cross posting from Logan's blog Sullivan's Isle today to share all the fun we had (thanks for letting me mooch your pics, Logan). First things first ... FOOD! We fattened ourselves up on beach snacks, a great seafood dinner at Bridgetender, American flag cake, all American BBQ food (dogs, beans, slaw, potato salad, etc), Paula Dean's friend okra salad (YUM!!!), awesome blueberry muffins, a nifty spin on ham & eggs and of course Firefly and Coronas! Check here for some of Logan's recipes.

Wrightsville Beach is about 4 hours from where we live in Charlotte. It's a must when going to Wilmington. And we hit it up all 3 days since the weather was perfect!

The BBQ was followed up by cornhole, a neighborhood mini-parade (very cute!), fireworks and the most fun of all ..... Karaoke for about 4 hours!!
Fun times and good memories! Next time it's our turn to entertain them in Charlotte.


Amy said...

sounds like so much fun!! i have wanted to make a flag cake for so long but never have. i went to wilmington for the first time in march, but didn't make it to the beach (it was cool and rainy). also i learned about firefly when i visited charleston and i love it! i always buy it now!

Amy said...

hi again..thanks for your comment. so are you printing your friend's name's on the caroline marigold note cards and giving to them as gifts?

KatieLovesPaper said...

I did one set as a freebie giveaway during my PC Launch. Another as a hostess gift. My thought is even as freebie/gifts its still generating attention and a potential future sale :)