May 4, 2010

What's for dinner?

Most nights, I come home from work and my dear husband asks "What's for dinner?"  Ugh ... don't you hate that question?!? I do. I've struggled to find items that are all of the following - healthy, not too expensive, both of like it, easy to prepare, and not a million weird ingredients.  I've scoured recipe websites in the past, searching for creative ideas to make meals from the things that I already have in my kitchen. Recently, I came across a site called SuperCook. And let me tell you, this website is revolutionizing my dinner planning! It's quite amazing. Here's how it works: Open your fridge and pantry, type the ingredients you have into the site's search bar and let SuperCook do it's thing.  The site will query the web and spit out the ones that match your kitchen ingredients.  You have to try it and tell me what you think!
Take a SuperCook tour here

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Amy said...

i've heard of those sites before... might have to try it!