May 21, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberries in pancakes, pies, ice cream, shortcake, crepes, tarts, preserves ... strawberry wine (mmm) ... strawberry salsa, strawberry & spinach salads, strawberry daiquiris and margaritas ... strawberries dipped in chocolate (ooh la la!). Goodness gracious!

My husbands family came to visit us a few weeks ago and we took the nephews to pick fresh strawberries. They went PERFECT with the pound cake we made for PopPop's birthday, along with homemade vanilla ice cream. Is it fair to say that it made the dessert a little healthier? After all they aren't just delicious ... they're also rich in nutrients and antioxidants. OK, whatever you need to do to convince yourself you're eating healthy :)

And I can't talk about strawberries without paying homage to my childhood community and the Troy, OH Strawberry Festival. Strawberry pie eating contests, strawberry queen pageant, bed races (never figured out what that had to do with strawberries, but it was funny) and the big parade.

Here are some recipe ideas I've found online for more unique and interesting ways to use your fresh strawberries. I will definitely be testing some of these out. Leave a comment below if you have a favorite that I need to know about!


Amy said...

how funny..i'm in TROY, MI!

letterstobetsy said...

love love love strawberries! that looks like such a fun day! I could eat them all day long : )