May 28, 2010

Current Obsession: Fabric patterns

An interest in paper can easily also apply to an interest in fabric. If your love for paper is in the design, colors, architecture and style ... any type of textile can fit those categories too, especially fabric.I've been searching for a new fabric to recover my outdoor throw pillows. I bought the pillows for $5 a piece a few years back at Garden Ridge. They're faded and gross, but they'll work great for inserts. I'm having major commitment issues when I'm looking at fabrics - I actually bought something today though! But the process has been very fun. If I had more free time I would love to get more into sewing. I have my craft desk all ready, so sewing project #1 will be these throw pillows (pics to come later).

Browsing through fabric stores, checking out the thousands of options - chic, bold, natural, textured, graphic, bold, stripes, floral, etc ... - It's making me want to redo my entire house! For any other fabric lovers out there, here's some eye candy that I'm finding especially appealing.

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