May 13, 2010

Miss Manners

Crane’s Blue Book of Stationery: The styles definitive guide to social and business correspondence etiquette

My love of stationery began when I began a part-time job at a small paper boutique in Charlotte, NC. As a bride to be, I had an interest in invitations and wedding related accessories. The store owner gave me a copy of this book. It’s been an excellent reference when I’ve created invitations for myself and friends. Beautiful stationery deserves beautiful words, and those receiving your letters and invitations will understand the consideration you put into your correspondence. Email, texting, facebooking, IM’ing … it’s had a big impact on our communication. So when you’re at a loss for how to articulate your words, ask yourself “what would Crane say?” and check out this book. Or you can come ask me and I’ll be happy to look it up for you! I might have to also read the 17th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette and Eleanor Roosevelt's Book of Common Sense Etiquette.

“In the midst of this fast-paced and often impersonal world of digital technology where   messages disappear almost as soon as they are delivered, the arrival in your mailbox of a finely engraved invitation or a personal note on elegant, timeless stationery has greater impact than ever before.” – Crane’s Blue Book of Stationery

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Amy said...

ooh i love that post! i've been wanting to post something like that! good job!