Mar 7, 2011

{DIY} Embossed Stamping

Have you ever wondered what the hype is with the entire aisle of stamps at the craft store? I used to wonder. But now I understand. For us non-artsy types, its an easy way to get creative and crafty with a little drawing that someone else etched into a stamp. Using special embossing powder with the stamp just takes it to a whole new level. Here's my quick tutorial on embossed stamping.

I learned this technique at a PaperSource workshop, which I highly recommend.

Water Stamp Pad (VersaMark is one brand)
Embossing Powder (I used opaque white in my sample)
Heat Embossing Gun

1. Press stamp into the watermark stamp pad for a few seconds. Be sure it soaks into the entire stamp.
2. Center stamp on paper and press down firmly for 5 seconds.
3. Sprinkle embossing powder directly on watermark. Don't wait too long between steps 2 and 3, or else your watermark will dry out and won't hold the powder.
4. Shake powder around the area, then tap off excess powder on a separate sheet of paper. Save it because it can be used again on the next one. I always save the powder and it lasts a long time.
5. Turn on embossing gun and hold about 6 inches away from stamped area. Heat the stamp, moving in a circle pattern. Soon you'll see the texture of the stamp change and look shinier. When the entire stamp looks shiny, you are done. Let the page dry.

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