Oct 21, 2010

A PaperConcierge Giveaway ... Just Because

#21 - Have a 'just because' party in the fall

Help! I need some ideas and I'm looking for inspiration from YOU! Please enter into my "Just Because" giveaway for a chance to win this lovely set of personalized Whitney English note cards! And also help me decide on a theme/reason for my 'just because' party :)

How to Win:

Giveaway will be open for 1 week, ending Thursday 10/28. You have the opportunity to get up to 5 points!!!

Leave a comment for this post with your idea for my 'just because' party. The party should be compatible with around 10 people.

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Caroline said...

In honor of November and Thanksgiving, what about a Gratitude party. Invite people you are grateful to have in your life and have them each bring a food and beverage they are grateful for.

Anonymous said...

#1 your just because party could celebrate fall. carve pumpkins, eat chili, watch football, drink apple cider with captain morgans.

#2 your just because party could be a "real housewives" celebration. you could watch atlanta & b hills and invite ladies to dress up like their favorite house wife (any city). you could play guessing games where a guest immitates a house wife and every one guesses who it is. or just do quizzes about the shows.


CurbsideProphet said...

Unfortunately I could not go, but my friends recently had a Biergarten party to celebrate fall.

CurbsideProphet said...

1 bonus point, I also follow your blog

Elissa said...

I think a Pumpkin Party would be a lot of fun. You could serve various pumpkin treats including pumpkin beer and even carve pumpkins!

1 bonus point for following your blog!
1 bonus point for liking your Facebook page!

The Sullivan's said...

Definelty go with a Fall Theme. "Falling Into Fall" or something like that.Fall leaves, acorns, gords. I think you should serve little apps or do a fall easy dinner.. I love this part and could totally give you ideas. If doing a dinner I would do soup and hot cider etc.

Tyler said...

I would do a Fall dinner party with friends. My friends and I normally have get togethers but I would love to step it up and have an actual dinner party. All the courses would be fall inspired and I would dexorate in warm rich colors!

Suz said...

I like a fall/pumpkin theme for the party. Make apple/pumpkin treats, serve pumpkin/harvest beers. :)

Suz said...

I follow you blog with GFC.

maNda said...

just because i love pumpkins :) you could roast pumkin seeds and have a carving contest! how fun!

Lacey said...

I went to a fall themed party before that was centered around apples - apple decor of course, but also bobbing for apples (adults bobbing for apples is pretty funny), a candy apple bar, apple martinis & apple beer, and all apple-related hors d'ouevres.