Oct 25, 2010

On the importance of a handwritten note

It's no secret. I love Swoozies, and I always will. I hope they re-open a store near me soon! Or as I tell my husband multiple times each week ... "can we please buy a Swoozies or a Paper Source?" Ahh, in my dreams.

I got their newsletter in my inbox today and I whole-heartedly agree with what they're saying here in their Holiday 2010 catalog!

"For all the nay-sayers out there who think putting pen to paper and writing a note to a loved one, a friend or business acquaintance is outdated, we would like to chat with you over coffee. We know the value of a handwritten note and are challenging all of our swoozie's clients out there to do it more often, no matter what age we live in - digial, electronic, information - receiving personal mail means the world to a child, a grandparent, a friend and even a client. So sharpen your pencils, buy some stamps and send stylish note cards customized to your personality. We promise, you'll see the importance."

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