Jul 30, 2010

Five for Friday

TGIF! I hope everyone had productive weeks. As soon as 5:00 gets here, productivity is OVER for me. Where's my Corona? It's 5:00 somewhere right?!?! 

A small update on my 30 before 30 Bucket List ... I haven't made any major advances this week. But I did stick to my 2 workout classes per week schedule. This week I went to Monday night Group Power and Thursday night Spin. I need to stick with it and be sure to do something, however small, on days in between. My #1 excuse is how hot it is outside. But I can still wait till 8:30 or so to take Ruby out for a walk. I went to the doctor yesterday and realized I had gained 10 lbs since my visit this time last year!!!! Now its not necessarily a horrible thing because last year I wasn't all that healthy and had a lot lower appetite. Now that my healthy appetite is back I need to start watching what I put in my mouth more.

I'm finally working on my 2nd newsletter blast for PaperConcierge. If you'd like to be apart of it, email me at kburch@paperconcierge.com  I'm doing a freebie giveaway for my newsletter peeps this time! and I'll be doing a blog giveaway soon too, so stay tuned :)

Here's my 5 for Friday. I think I stole this idea from Design*Sponge. I'm linking 5 blogs that I found particularly interesting this week. enjoy!

#1 - College Prep giveaway! This company, Niko and Lala,  is news to me and I'm loving them so far. Hope I win something ... or I hope you do by entering College Prep's giveaway.

#2 - Confessions of a Paper Freak's post series You're the Boss. It's really motivational to an aspiring entrepreneur like myself.

#3 - Rock Paper Scissors fashion inspiration boards are the best. Check out this sailor inspired board called Hook Line & Sinker.

#4 - Chelsea's Wedding Watch posts from Martha Stewart Bride. I kinda feel bad for the poor girl. Will she even be able to hear her own vows with all the helicopter noise? Wait a minute, why would feel bad for a girl who is having a 3 - 5 MILLION $$$ wedding?

#5 - I hesitate in even saying this, but lets pretend for a minute. Someday in the not so near, not so far, future I will have a baby (hopefully). And I've always joked around saying that I want my baby delivered by the stork in a basket on my doorstep, bypassing all the woes of pregnancy & childbirth. So this shower idea is really cute and funny to me. Check out Tiny Print's Stork Themed Baby Shower.

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Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Have a great weekend! Thanks for the link to the giveaway.