Jul 6, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

Hello out there! :::: echo echo-o-oo ::::

I'm not holding up to my weekly blogging very well lately, but I have ideas churning and new inspiration to write about soon. In the meantime, I've been swamped at work. Got a promotion to Supervisor :::pats herself on the back:::  Busy assisting the hubs with a condo flip, and we're hoping to generate some interest and sell quickly. Just got back from visiting our friends at the beach and we're headed to Ohio this coming weekend to see family, celebrate the hubs birthday, and finally get to see our friends from Hawaii & meet their new baby too!

The hectic schedule will continue, but I still want to share the fun parts, so look for new blogs throughout the next few weeks :)

paper girl (haha! does anyone watch Gossip Girl around here?)

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