Jun 14, 2010

I'm in love with Printing Press!

I've been keeping this a secret for way too long! And now that I'm blogging about my love for paper I've decided to share this with ya'll. This blog isn't only for PaperConcierge business, so I'm going out on a limb here and passing on a huge tip for those of you who enjoy DIY projects. So what is Printing Press? It's an awesome software by MountainCow that helps you create all your staitonery and invitations at home! I've used this software for customer invitation projects (Save the Dates, invitations, personal stationery, etc...) as well as pre-designed invitations from a local store where I print the wording myself. No more fumbling through Microsoft Word or Publisher. Printing Press makes it SO EASY! You can buy different levels of the software - basic all the way to a professional class - to suite your personal needs. I have the Extreme 4.0 version and its been great! Summer of '06 I worked part-time in a local stationery shop and they used PrintingPress for all of their in-house printing. When I left that job I bought the software right away.

And now for my PaperConcierge plug :)  If you would like to purchase blank invitations off my site, I will throw in a great deal for printing them for you! Just contact me first, please :)

Here are a few things that I've designed with Printing Press.


Amy said...

how funny! i was just using my printing press because i am going to print some blank PC invites!

KatieLovesPaper said...

Another PC'er uses it! Yay :)