Apr 27, 2010

Back to Blogging!

I'm thinking about making another go of my not so great first attempt at blogging. But this time actually using it! See before, I was mostly using this blog to experiment with wedding invitation design and using it as a portfolio if/when needed. Paper Amour never really went anywhere. Although I do love the creativity that comes with custom design, it's not exactly my specialty. Love the creative part and coming up with ideas, but I struggle with execution. If I had the time and money to invest I'd love to take some design courses in Photoshop and Illustrator some day.

I'm focusng my love for pretty party papers and girly gifts into a new side business venture called Paper Concierge! Strictly to fullfill my creative fantasies and dream ahead at what could one day turn into something more. Paper Concierge is not a new company, but it has many new changes underway. As soon as some of these exciting changes settle in I will be sharing more - blog, facebook updates and monthly newsletter and promotions.

More info to come at a later time!

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letterstobetsy said...

very cool Katie! stick with it girl and blogging will start to become addicting!